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Holtzclaw Mugshot

Source: Oklahoma City Sheriff’s Department / Handout

The saga of the infamous serial rapist Daniel Holtzclaw continues. In January the former Oklahoma City police officer was sentenced to an unprecedented 263 consecutive years in prison for raping and assaulting 13 black women.

Seven of his victims have now filed a lawsuit against the Oklahoma City police department alleging that they allowed Holtzclaw to continue active duty patrol after a sexual assault complaint was filed.

During the trial, detectives claimed that they worked tirelessly to prosecute Holtzclaw when the allegations first arose. However, the lawsuit claims that the department was complicit in the crimes by allowing the former officer to continue to work in the midst of the investigation.

Here are details of the lawsuit from The Guardian.

“…A woman accused Holtzclaw of sexual assault on 5 November 2013 – eight months before he was suspended from the force – and that the sex crimes unit actually began investigating Holtzclaw on 8 May 2014, seven weeks before he committed his final assault. The timing, first laid out in Jamie Ligons’s lawsuit, would mean Holtzclaw attacked half the women he has been convicted of assaulting while he was under investigation for sexual assault.

The department claims that Holtzclaw was suspended as soon as there was enough evidence, pointing out that he was taken off duty hours after Ligons, the 57-year-old daycare worker, filed her complaint.

The lawsuit seeks damages of more than $75,000 for each victim and a court order for Oklahoma City police to receive sexual assault training, improve their sexual assault investigations and wear body cameras.


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Lawsuit Alleges Police Dept. “Covered Up” Complaints Filed Against Serial Rapist Daniel Holtzclaw  was originally published on hellobeautiful.com