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Autistic Boy Suffers Concussion After Being Punched By His Teacher

Milton Parker, 59, claims it was a “reflex” that made him punch his 11-year-old autistic student inside the cafeteria of PS 225 in Brooklyn. The victim, Anatoly Veltman, Jr., allegedly spilled ice, threw a napkin on the floor and told Parker, “This table is for whites only.” Veltman, who has the mental capacity of a 6-year-old, apologized for his statement and subsequently hit Parker. The paraprofessional then hit Veltman so hard that the child suffered a concussion. The little boy was traumatized by the incident and is now being home schooled. Following the August 2014 incident, Parker retired. Veltman’s parents filed a $5 million lawsuit against the former teacher and a judge has since released the surveillance footage to the public. Parker is representing himself in the legal proceeding and instead of seeming remorseful for his actions, he believes the video footage corroborates the fact that he spontaneously, not purposefully hit the little boy. “I knew it was on camera,” said Parker. “If it was intentional, I would have taken him to another room and beaten the snot out of him.” NY Daily News

Flight Attendant Quits Her Job In An Unusual Way

As a plane was taxing, a United Airlines flight attendant opened the plane door, enabled the emergency slide, slid out and walked off. The flight from Sacramento landed at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston on Monday morning. A medical emergency was simultaneously ongoing in the back of the plane which seemingly diverted the 159 passengers attention from the flight attendants antics. As a result, the plane was taken out of service for inspection for an hour before continuing onto Fort Lauderdale. The airline has since released a statement, “The unsafe behavior is unacceptable and does not represent the more than 20,000 flight attendants who ensure the safety of our customers.” The woman’s identity has been withheld but United has confirmed that she has been relieved “from her flying duties.” Click2Houston

Man Attacked For Being Gay While On Vacation

Jordan Schaeffer, 25, said he was viciously attacked for kissing his boyfriend in a Miami bar. Video footage shows an unidentified man body-slamming Schaeffer and punching him in the face. The assailant also locked the victims his legs around his neck in a submission hold. There was a second assailant who fought off people that tried to stop the first man from beating Schaeffer. The victim was also called several homophobic slurs in the midst of the attack. “It was just a simple kiss with my boyfriend. The biggest injury has been all the emotional trauma,” Schaeffer said. “We were going to Miami for a relaxing weekend and it was traumatizing.” The police have yet to arrest the men responsible for the attack. Miami Beach police spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez told the media, “There is no room for hate anywhere.” WTVJ-TV

Popular Food Could Be A Health Risk For Babies

Before many babies are even 9 months old, they’re likely to have eaten the most rice cereal of their entire lives. The FDA is now advising parents to decrease the amount of rice cereals fed to babies and eaten by pregnant women because it’s a leading cause of arsenic exposure for infants. According to the FDA, inorganic arsenic, the more toxic of the two types of naturally occurring arsenic, is found in higher levels in rice because of the way the plant grows. FDA officials are requiring rice cereal to contain no more than 100 parts per billion of inorganic arsenic, a level that nearly half of all cereals already are under. While rice cereal fortified with iron is a good source of nutrients, it’s advised to diversify a baby’s diet to include cereals made with different types grains. Exposure to inorganic arsenic can lead to developmental issues for children. Mashable


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