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All Girls Chess Team In Detroit Wins Championship 

Amongst the nearly 500 players in the recent 13th Annual KCF All-Girls National Championships, the University Prep Science & Math team earned first place in the “Under 14” category”. Jaidyn Hamilton, Lauren Bradford, Sa’Nya Burton, Gisele Motley and Jada Hamilton were apart of the winning team that trained for months prior to the competition. “We always tell them, every place they go, they represent Detroit. It’s a wonderful showing” said assistant coach Kwabena Shabu. “We’ve won a lot of other national tournaments, but we’ve never won this one” added head coach Kevin Fite. “We were considerably the underdog in that section.” The young ladies are all active members of the Detroit City Chess Club. The event is presented by Kasparov Chess Foundation, US Chess Federation and Renaissance Knights Chess Foundation. Detroit News

107-Year-Old Woman Denied I.D.

Virginia McLaurin’s visit to The White House to meet the Obamas went viral. The 107-year-old was overjoyed to meet the first black President and First Lady. Despite Virginia’s face being seen over 66 million times from her dance with the Obama’s, the elder says she can’t get an ID card. After Virginia’s purse was stolen, she was unable to get a replacement ID because she doesn’t have a birth certificate. “I was birthed by a midwife and the birthday put in a Bible somewhere. I don’t know if they even had birth certificates back then.” Her son, Felipe Cardoso shared that despite his mother’s new found fame, she’s being denied something that many people take for granted. “She can’t understand how her picture could be in all those newspapers and all over the Internet, how so many people could recognize her on the street and want to take selfies with her, and she can’t even get a photo ID” said Felipe. Washington Post

Detroit Opens New Apartment Complex For Veterans & The Homeless

A newly renovated 27-unit, one-bedroom apartment complex called the Charlotte Apartments recently held its grand opening. The formerly blighted property is now being used to house the homeless and former military veterans who’ve often found it difficult to reacclimate into society due to PTSD and other mental health issues. Rent for the subsidized units ranges from $50 to $300. The four-story building offers its tenants an on-site community room, laundry services, a computer lab, library and meeting rooms. Each unit is outfitted with new appliances and granite counter tops and each tenant was provided with a bed and dinette set. Mental health and substance abuse services are also provided by building owners Detroit Central City Community Mental Health, developer Joseph Early and consultants from Union Capital Development. Detroit News

Father Allegedly Murders Infant For Interrupting Him While He Was Playing Video Games

Anthony Michael Sanders, 31, has been charged with capital murder in the death of his 2-year-old daughter Ellie. The cause of death was a homicide by asphyxiation. According to police reports, the child had bruises all over her body as well as bite marks on her back. Reportedly, Ellie was victimized because she had interrupted her father playing online video games. The child’s mother had gone to an art show earlier in the day and Sanders was alone with the infant as well as his 5-year-old son. When the boy went to check on his sister, he claimed she wouldn’t wake up. The mother called 911 upon her return. Sanders claimed that Ellie had “appeared fine and was up watching television in the bedroom laughing.” However, police arrested Sanders because he was unable to explain how the child had sustained her excessive injuries. He’s currently being held on $1M bail. NY Daily News


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