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There will inevitably be one parent or set of parents that will attempt to use their kids to counteract their own failed showbiz endeavors. Hell, it’s probably already happening behind the scenes. The one thing I’m sure of is that when disaster strikes, we’ll all be clicking, watching and commenting about how horrible it is.

Liam and I have started doing our own videos on Facebook and it’s been fun so far. I can’t even begin to tell you how easy would be to succumb to kiddie YouTube fever and turn what otherwise should be sharing a fun time into a Joe Jackson-style boot camp.

For that reason, I don’t trip over my son not wanting to shoot videos all the time. I want him to enjoy what he’s doing and right now he is. No need to make someone hate their job before they’re even old enough to spell it.

For the future Kanyes and Justin Biebers who live for the spotlight it’s fine, but unless a kid truly gets a sense of fulfillment from the hard work it takes for the attention, it seems a waste of young brain power. Not to mention, your  job as a parent is to raise up a kid with character and a sense of sufficiency, not use them as a foil for your own ambitions.

We can all enjoy social media with our kids, but let’s keep the main parenting goals in mind.

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