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President Barack Obama recently signed legislation that will remove the outdated words “Negro” and ” Oriental” from all federal laws, The Hill reported.

Surprisingly, there was no opposition from Republicans on this bill either. The measure H.R.4238, passed unanimously in the House of Representatives and the Senate earlier this year with POTUS signing it into law Friday, CNN noted

“The term ‘Oriental’ has no place in federal law and at long last this insulting and outdated term will be gone for good,” the author of the bill, Rep. Grace Meng (D-N.Y.), said in a statement Friday.

The two terms will be replaced with “Asian-American” and “African-American.” In addition, the words “American Indian,” “Eskimo,” “Aleut or a Spanish-speaking individual of Spanish descent” will be replaced with “Native American,” “Alaska Native,” “Hispanic,” and Puerto Rican respectively, says Mediate

Ariz. TV Reporter Arrested After Reportedly Defecating on Lawn While Covering Story

Jonathan Lowe, a reporter for KPHO in Phoenix, was arrested last week for allegedly defecating on the lawn near a story he was covering for his news outlet, the NY Daily News reported. Lowe was taken into custody when a neighbor saw him relieving himself while she was picking up paper from the street.

The 33-year-old reportedly admitted to using the bathroom outside, saying he was not “feeling well.”  According to the police report, Lowe stated, “I know what you want to talk to me about. I’ve been feeling very sick and I’ve been stuck in this van all day, Those people who called on me just wanted to start problems,” he said. 

Lowe could face a fine of $2,500 or six months in jail for the misdemeanor crime of public defecation, says the Daily News. But his bosses at KPHO are clear that the reporter has no been fired because of this incident.

Black Female News Anchor Clapbacks At Bully Who Doesn’t Like Her Jewelry

One TV viewer learned the hard way to “not come for anyone who doesn’t send for you.

According to Norfolk, Virginia’s WTKR, a male viewer emailed the network complaining about the jewelry that anchor Barbara Ciara wears on-air. Not tolerating any bullying or comments about her appearance, Ciara put the view on blast by posting his email and her response to it online.

He wrote (with typos) “All the female reporters and anchors wear litlle to no jewelry but B Ciara wears the biggest and worst jewelry I have ever seen, please have her play by all same rules as every one else.”

Her response:

Gentle viewer,

Thank you so much for watching News 3.

I read your email with a great deal of interest. On a day where a multi-million dollar lawsuit was filed against one of our regional jails, A Navy Seal lost his life during training, The Mayor of Suffolk delivered her state of the city address, and an overlooked neighborhood in the East End of Newport News finally gets a grocery store– you noticed my jewelry.

Perhaps you are correct, you are so distracted you didn’t hear a word I said.

Have a blessed day,

Barbara Ciara

Celebrating 38 years in Broadcasting #‎beenaroundtoolongtobebullied

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