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Singer Kelly Rowland is clear that Black women are beautiful–and she has created a new makeup line to accentuate our amazingness. The Grammy-winning singer teamed up with makeup artist Sheika Daley to launch F.A.C.E. (For All Created Equal). Her goal is ensure that women with darker complexions like hers can find their perfect match, an issue that she admits to having in the past.

“I was pink, I was green, I was gray, I was too fair, I was too dark or too purple,” Rowland recently told HuffPost. “Even going overseas to Europe, none of the makeup artists have my color, and I was just shocked. Like, you should know it all. They didn’t, and that’s fine, but if that’s the case, then let’s figure out a solution.”

Rowland also stressed that F.A.C.E. isn’t about “covering up” or drastically changing who we are. This is about celebrating who we are in this moment.

“So many makeup artists cover everything up. Let the skin tone shine through. There’s a reason why people are sitting in the sun, there’s a reason why people are injecting their lips. Our features are so beautiful, and we just don’t need to cover it up or enhance it even more, cause we already have it… We invented the s**t!“ she said. 

The launch date for F.A.C.E has yet to be released, but the “Chasing Destiny” star has plenty on her plate until then. When she’s not raising her toddler son, she is overlooking her new girl group, June’s Diary and working on new music of her own. 

“I feel like all the different things that life has given me, and the different challenges that I went through, and even just with having my son and losing my mom, it’s so many different dynamics that have happened and I can’t not include that in the record,” she said.

“It’s so many fans that feel like ‘we’ve only heard a little bit of your voice,’ and they’re right. Between my vocal coaches and me just having so much fun and feeling even more freedom since having my son, it’s just, I’ve evolved and I want to showcase that.” 

And we can’t wait to hear it.


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