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Black Girls Rock! Founder To Celebrate Black Women In A New Book

Black Girls Rock! 2016 - Arrivals

Source: Brian Killian / Getty

Beverly Bond, the founder of Black Girls Rock!, is known for empowering African-American women with her thriving organization and her BET awards show. And her new book won’t be any different.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Bond’s Black Girls Rock!: Celebrating the Power, Beauty and Brilliance of Black Women will include powerful imagery, advice, poetry and stories “to showcase the complexity, dynamism, achievements and diverse cultural traditions of Black women from around the world.”

“This book will affirm, elevate, and celebrate the unique narratives and rich experiences of black women and girls around the world for generations to come,” Bond said in a statement.

37 INK publisher Dawn Davis also expressed her excitement about the partnership saying, “Beverly is a real visionary who has created not just an award show, not just a brand but an inspirational and aspirational mantra that holistically celebrates Black Girl Magic. From millennials to baby boomers and beyond, her book is going to help our communities affirm and heal. I think of it as an I Dream a World for our time.”

Look for Bond’s book in the fall of 2017. BEAUTIES will you reading?

Duh! Poll Finds Only 1 Percent of Blacks Support Donald Trump

New Hampshire Primary

Source: Boston Globe / Getty

In “not shocking news,” a new poll found that a measly one percent of Blacks support presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

According to Time, this same Quinnipiac poll also found that 91 percent of African-Americans backed Hillary Clinton and she is winning 50 percent of the Latino vote, while Trump has 33 percent.However, Trump is beating Clinton on the white vote so far with 47 percent versus 30 percent.

It’s not a secret that Republican nominees historically don’t win the majority of support from African American voters, but Trump is polling the lowest of other Republican in the past 12 years. Back in 2012, Mitt Romney won 6 percent of the black vote, John McCain 4 percent in 2008 and George W. Bush 11 in 2004, Time noted.

Looks like Leah LeVell, the RNC’s newest member of their strategic initiatives team has a lot of work to do to reach Black voters. Good luck girl, you gonna need it.

Majority Of Americans Think President Obama Tried To Improve Race Relations


Source: NICHOLAS KAMM / Getty

From passing a historic health care law to appointing three Supreme Court Justices to killing one of the deepest threats to national and global security, President Obama has accomplished a lot during his eight years in office. Perhaps he can add trying to improve race relations to his impressive legacy.

According to the Associated Press, a Pew Research Center survey on racial attitudes in the nation found that a majority of African-American and Latinos think POTUS at least tried to lessen racial tensions in the United States. Overall, 62 percent of Americans said the President has made race relations better or at least tried to make them better while, 25 percent said he made things worse.

Yet and not surprisingly, the survey also showed that along racial lines, Americans see the country very differently. For example, 65 percent of Blacks expressed that they strongly or somewhat supported the Black Lives Matter movement as opposed to 40 percent of whites. And when it comes to privilege, only 30 percent of whites believe that their race has made their life easier (Yeah the other 70 percent tried it.) Interestingly, 30 percent of whites also believed they had been discriminated against for their skin color.

“Blacks and whites are deeply divided in their views of race relations, racial inequality and their perception of what life is like for black people in the U.S.,” Juliana Horowitz, a Pew associate director who helped create the poll, said.

You think?

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