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Cameron Sterling, the 15-year-old son of Alton Sterling, has a heavy week ahead of him. On Friday, he will bury his dad, who was fatally shot while selling CDs outside of a Baton Rouge convenience store.

At a Wednesday afternoon press conference, Cameron told supporters he wants the country to unite in these troubling times.

“Everyone needs to be on one accord, not a different note,” he said. “Everyone needs to be together, not apart.”

Cameron also urged advocates to “protest the right way,” while calling for calm and peace.

He hopes to disseminate a positive message about his father’s character, further cementing his legacy.

“I truly feel that my father was a good man and he will always be a good man,” Cameron said.

The nation remains in turmoil after Sterling’s death, followed by two tragic events: the fatal shooting of Philando Castile and the murder of five Dallas police officers.

At a press conference last Wednesday, Cameron stood next to his mother while he mustered up enough strength to say, “I miss my daddy,” before he broke down in tears.

The moment was palpable and broke the hearts of many around the nation.

He told CBS News there was an undeniable presence in the room.

“When I put my arm around her, it’s like somebody else’s hand touched me, like I had another hand laying on top of my hand. And when I looked over, was nobody else touching me. Nobody else was touching me. And it was like at that moment I knew: my daddy here — he right on the side of her,” he said. “We’re standing here as a family together once again. That’s when I just started crying… I knew I can’t physically have him back, so I knew I had to cry, just to be like, ‘I want my daddy back.’”



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