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On Tuesday morning, an Indianapolis man was shot at his own house after he reported someone attempting to carjack his wife in their driveway. 

According to FOX 59Carl Williams, 48, tried to console his wife, while calling 911 to report the attempted crime. Listening to the audio, one can hear Williams tell the dispatcher that the suspect was a Black male with a rifle or long gun, wearing a dark colored baseball cap, and a red and white jacket.  Toward the end of the phone call, Williams said “oh wait, is that him? Is that him?” 

The dispatcher tried to call Williams back to tell him that the police were on their way, but no one in the residence answered the phone.

It’s believed that Williams thought the man outside was the carjacker, so he grabbed his gun and went outside to confront him. Only thing is that the man was a police officer who had been called to house, the FOX 59 explained. Christopher Mills, the police officer on the scene, didn’t turn on his sirens because police policy says not to given the nature of the crime, RTV News noted.

According to officials, the car in the driveway matched the description of the vehicle that was reported stolen and as the plates were being checked, Williams came out with his gun. Mills, thinking Williams was the carjacker–because he had a gun and was African-American–shot him in the stomach. A second officer on the scene did not fire his weapon, the Indy Star wrote


During a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, the police admitted that this was a case of “mistaken identity.” Yet, RTV said that it wasn’t clear if the officer identified himself or asked Williams to drop his weapon prior to shooting him. And the audio released doesn’t reveal that Mills did either.

“It was a very tragic, unfortunate situation that happened this morning,” Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Major Richard Riddle said on Tuesday afternoon.

“Our homeowner, the individual who was trying his best protect himself and his wife from any other harm, was shot mistakenly by our officers. This incident occurred within a few seconds, and those judgment calls are made within a few split seconds,” he added.

“She was victimized, and unfortunately now, her husband was victimized as well,” Riddle concluded.

Williams was rushed to the hospital and thankfully is expected to survive his injuries. Meanwhile, Mills has been placed on administrative leave and the carjacker has yet to be found. 


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