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After a Hawaii Federal judge issued a temporary block to President Trump‘s Muslim ban, Trump supporters got in their feelings and asked us all to do the unthinkable: refrain from visiting “The Aloha State.”

On Wednesday night Judge Derrick K. Watson swatted down the Trump’s administration’s revised ban, which removed special treatment for Christian refugees and dropped Iraq from the original list of restricted countries, in hopes of pre-empting a lawsuit.

This irritated Trump’s base and like their previous unsuccessful anti-Starbucks, anti-Hamilton campaigns, branded angry tweets in opposition to the judge’s decision with #BoycottHawaii.

Social media users jumped on to the internet to point out their prior failed attempts, while also basking in the idea of the state receiving less tourists who support Trump.

Now that Maryland federal judgeTheodore D. Chuang issued a second blow to Trump’s ban on Thursday, will Trump cheerleaders ask everyone to boycott Maryland too?


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