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Each week things heat up and Wednesday’s episode was no different! Let’s jump in.

Cato hosts a prestigious party in Philadelphia attended by Frederick Douglass (played by the show’s Executive Producer, John Legend) and other prominent abolitionists to discuss the cause, but not before chaos ensues.

Back at the boarding house, hunters arrest Georgia for fraud, a charge that everyone seems confused about. It turns out Georgia has been passing for a white woman when she is indeed (surprise, surprise) Black. Although a free woman, this new revelation puts an even bigger target on Elizabeth and the rest of crew’s back.

Back in South Carolina Ernestine is publicly shamed (in the same way Clara was for being pregnant) for last week’s suicide attempt and ongoing narcotics addiction. Unlike Clara, our girl stands up to the judgmental village and walks away with her head held high.

Meanwhile Cato’s right hand man Francis is concerned that Cato’s public grandeur will raise an eyebrow now that they’ve settled in Philadelphia. Side note: Cato definitely has a terrible case of “new money”. You know, spending lavishly and loudly.

Still on the hunt for her Black Rose, Patty cleans up Detective Stabler August and they head to Philadelphia to crash a very exclusive party. In case you forgot, last season August tracked down and almost captured the Macon 7…including Cato.

Although still very weak, Rosalee pleads her case to Elizabeth in an effort to get her to understand the importance of going back on the road to steal her mother and brother. Despite her growing belly, Rosalee feels stronger and powerful after training with Harriet. Girl, no. That was me, not Elizabeth.

In a strange twist of events Clara and Ernestine have become friendly (see ladies, you can totally befriend your man’s pregnant side chick). Longing for the art of seduction, Clara gets advice from Ernestine. Their plan, make Massa fall in love with Clara and get Ernestine off the island.

At the boardinghouse an unexpected visitor arrives. It’s my boo Noah! Finally reunited after a failed attempt at escaping, he and Rosalee discuss the next steps in their lives. Although against the plan to return to Macon, he realizes he’d do anything for Rosalee. He proposes and agrees to play her slave on the road. And no, she still hasn’t told him about the baby.

In Philadelphia Cato’s party is a success. He and William Still have successfully raised money for the cause and he and Douglass get friendly. All is well until Patty and August show up uninvited, causing Cato to panic and abruptly end the party. Although Cato has more men, August and Patty kill his men in an effort to get information about Rosalee. In the middle of the gun fight, Francis walks in with Devi, Cato’s ex-fiance from London. He reveals that the only way to find the Black Rose is to find Ernestine.

Fun Fact: DeWanda Wise (Clara) and Alano Miller (Cato) are actually husband and wife in real life.

A recovering Ernestine finally stands up to Hicks, but not before he shames her about her past in the Big House and her addiction. Meanwhile, Elizabeth’s is threatened on the road, attacked and tied to a tree for being a “ni**er lover”.

How far would you go for your friends? Elizabeth and Georgia are definitely ride or die for the cause. Could you have been this strong in the 1800s? Honestly, I don’t know if I’d have it in me.

Enjoyed the recap? Let’s talk about your favorite moments in the comments below. Meet me back here next Thursday and let’s chat about episode two. Season two of Underground airs every Wednesday at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on WGN America.

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