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Attorney General Jeff Sessions, under the orders of President Donald Trump, asked for the resignation of the remaining U.S. Attorneys who worked under the Obama administration.

In the month since those vacancies were made, there are still no U.S. Attorneys in place to enforce some of the tough policies that the Trump administration wish to see put in action.

Beyond the 93 vacant U.S. Attorney positions, Sessions also doesn’t have top people in place to head some of the important divisions of his department including civil rights and criminal divisions. Earlier this week, Sessions recognized that work needed to be done to fill those seats but there seems to be a lack of urgency.

Joining Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss this matter was Glenn Ivey, a former federal prosecutor and current partner at The Leftwich Law Firm in Washington, D.C.  Ivey notes that Trump’s inability to fill the positions is reflective of  other areas of the administration, where there are hundreds of vacancies in a variety of important positions.

A lack of U.S. Attorneys could mean that some of the agreements between federal prosecutors and state or city police departments, such as the recent consent decree in Baltimore, could potentially face delays, he notes.

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