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Trump has made immigration such a hot button issue that even the most radical of Republicans feel comfortable coming forward with their anti-immigrant sentiments. On Fox News this past Friday night , Amy Tarkanian, who is the former Nevada state GOP chairperson (her husband is Danny Tarkanian, who is currently running for the U.S.Senate for the seventh time — lost six times from 2004 – 2016), debated SiriusXM  radio host and NewsOne contributing editor Clay Cane about immigration. Trump wants to end DACA after a bogus report was released saying that “About one in five inmates in federal prison are foreign-born, and more than 90 percent of those are in the United States illegally.”

While defending Trump, Clay reminded Amy that her and her husband (this could be why he lost six Senate races) have created an entire political career on being anti-immigrant and actually campaigned for racial profiling “just in case” someone is illegal. According to  The Las Vegas Review-Journal, “Tarkanian said he supported a harsh law in Arizona, including profiling of Hispanics by police, who could ask if they’re in the country legally if stopped for any reason.” Yep, Amy and her husband advocated for police to question the immigration status of “anyone” they suspect. The Supreme Court found  the law to be constitutional.  Watch Clay’s classy reminder:

As for the report that “one in five inmates in federal prison are foreign-born, and more than 90 percent of those are in the United States illegally.” What the report doesn’t tell you that is the majority of these undocumented workers are being incarcerated for immigration offenses — not violent crimes. Therefore, instead of the government deporting them immediately, they are kept in the prison system to get as  much free labor out of them as possible. Sound very Jim Crow, doesn’t?

Tom Jawetz, the vice president for immigration policy at the Center for American Progress, told the New York Times. “The administration will take any opportunity possible to twist facts to demonize immigrants. The vast majority of immigrants in federal prison are there for crimes that only immigrants can be charged with — illegal entry and illegal entry after removal. When you cook the books you shouldn’t pretend to be surprised by the results.”

Undocumented workers touch the life of every American, from the food we eat to the close we wear. Our economy has depended on the free and cheap labor of undocumented workers. For 11 million who are here, they need a pathway to citizenship not remixed versions of Jim Crow laws.


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