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With news swirling that Tracee Ellis Ross allegedly threatened to cut back her time on the hit show Black-ish until she is she payed the same as her co-star Anthony Anderson, the Golden Globe winner took to Twitter on Saturday to set the record straight.

According to Tracee, The Hollywood Reporter article published last week got a few things wrong, including that she might leave the show.

“There has been a lot of conversation and speculation the last few days regarding by Black-ish salary. I was in renegotiation like many actors find themselves in during the fourth season of a successful show. I wanted to be compensated in a way that matches my contribution to a show that I love for many reasons, including the opportunity it allows me to reshape what it is to be a fully realized black woman on TV,” Tracee tweeted.

She continued: “The words and thoughts that were in the original article that started this public conversation were not mine; there were never any threats. I wish I would have been called by the reporter to confirm that. Having had my renegotiation become a public conversation was awkward, but I’m grateful for the outpouring of support. I’m truly thankful that important conversations are taking place about fighting for women’s worth and equality, and tightening the pay gap in every industry.”

And of course her fans had her back:

As we previously reported, during a behind-the-scenes at a #TimesUp meeting, a source told THR that it was revealed that Tracee makes a lot less than her TV hubby.

“According to a source who attended, the Wahlberg-Williams discrepancy was discussed at length, as was Tracee Ellis Ross getting paid significantly less than her Black-ish co-star Anthony Anderson,” the report said.

They also claimed that Tracee was in “negotiations for the fifth season ongoing, sources say Ellis Ross feels that if she isn’t brought up to Anderson’s level, she may opt to appear in fewer episodes to make up the disparity by guesting on another show. The tactic has split opinions within Time’s Up, with some worried that it’s more a retreat than a forward-looking solution (fitting in extra work isn’t always feasible, and often an actress wouldn’t earn as much guesting as she would as a network star).

However, a source close to the show stressed that Anthony makes more than Tracee, because their roles overall roles are different.

“A network source says a new deal will significantly increase her compensation and cautioned that Anderson and Ellis Ross’ roles aren’t equal given that he has been attached to Black-ish from the start and is an executive producer.”

Whatever the case, here’s what we know: We support and love you Tracee and hope you get every last penny you believe you are worth for the work that you do.

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