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Authorities have begun an investigation into whether or not a West Palm Beach officer used excessive force while arresting a Black woman.

Smartphone video of an officer grabbing a woman by the hair and slamming her to ground is making its way around social media. The clip shows officers attempting to break up a fight at Banko Cantina on Sunday.

Officers Kevin Harrell and Travis Limauro were called to the Mexican restaurant over huge fight that had broken out. Supposedly, things turned ugly after a bouncer told a woman named Amandy Fountain, to leave the premises. The cops arrived to a brawl.

It’s unclear exactly what happened before the video started, but it shows Officer Harrel tangling with Shannon Chatham, 25. At one point, WPTV reports that she allegedly pushes him in the face. Moments later, we clearly see him grabbing the back of her head, taking a handful of her hair. Her friends were trying to intervene as he pushed her towards the car.

Officer Limauro is also spotted arresting Fountain in the video. A third, unidentified officer is also seen holding a man in a headlock. The captured man is then dragged off the street.

Both Chatham and Fountain were arrested and charged with battery of an officer and resisting an officer with violence. Harrell and Limauro are under investigation for their behavior during the massive brawl

“All use of force incidents are fully reviewed, which is why we are gathering information,” Sgt. David Lefont said in a press release.”We know the public wants to know more about what happened, so we are moving quickly to gather all of the facts. We will provide that information as soon as we obtain it.”


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