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Albert Wilson was a student at the University of Kansas. He earned an associate degree from a community college before attending KU and had dreams of being a sports journalist. Those dreams were deferred after he was sentenced to more than 12 years in prison for rape.

In September 2016, Wilson was at a bar where he met a young white girl who was visiting a family member who attended KU. The two were underage in the club. Wilson was 20 years old and reportedly unbeknownst to him, the young woman was only 17. The two were seen kissing in the club Wilson allegedly pulled up her skirt while in the act.

The two leave to go to Wilson’s place and that’s when the story turns.

The victim claims that Wilson raped her. Wilson denies the two had sexual intercourse. A Rape kit found no seminal fluid was found in the Victim’s Vagina. A month later the victim contacted police and Wilson was arrested on Rape charges.

Through the trial, Wilson maintained his innocence but was eventually found Guilty. He was given over 12 years in prison, a lifetime of probation and a mandatory sex offender.

Many celebrities including Meek Mill

and Kim Kardashian spoke out about the court case.

In light on the Ava Duvernay film “When They See Us” stories like Wilson’s become more than what some would deem Fiction. It’s a true tale of the justice system not being for us.

You can learn more at FreeAlbertWilson.com