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Young Dylan

Source: Mieko Hillman (far right) with her TV family on ‘Young Dylan.’ / Nickelodeon/Tyler Perry Studios

Mieko Hillman of Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan is a former medical student, so it’s not surprising that the now working actress has a knack for paying attention to details. The Maryland native tends to go to auditions rocking her natural curls, but that also depends on how she interprets her character, who might need a different look. For her role as Yasmine Wilson on Young Dylan, she and the stylists on set came to the conclusion that Wilson was a woman who would probably wear her hair pressed most of the time. 

“I play Young Dylan’s aunt. He comes in and lives with our family [and my husband] is his uncle through his sister,” Hillman tells Hello Beautiful. “I talked with the hairdresser, we call her Cocoa, and we talked about the character and just felt like she was the [consummate] professional would probably wear her hair straightened.” 

Hillman says the process to style her hair was a smooth one due to the professionals on set knowing how to add pieces and work magic, which isn’t always the case for some black actresses. When it comes to life off duty, Hillman says the Kinky-Curly range, and products without glycerin work best with maintaining her tresses. 

“We’re very fortunate because our hair can do so many different things. It’s cool to rock my curly hair one day and then have it blown out the next day, says Hillman. “I like to do different things, and then sometimes I just like to put it in a bun real quick because I don’t feel like dealing with it.” 

Hillman—aside from working with the hairstyling team—also enjoys the overall process of working at Tyler Perry’s new studio in Atlanta, with Tyler Perry himself. Young Dylan tells the story about a young kid (played by Dylan Gilmer of America’s Got Talent-fame) who moves in with his well-to-do aunt and uncle, and hilarity ensues. It’s not quite like the Fresh Prince because the children are younger, so there will be different situations, but Hillman assures us there will be good laughs all around. 

Young Dylan

Source: Mieko Hillman (center) with her TV husband Carl Payne II (left), and TV nephew, Dylan (far right). / Nickelodeon/Tyler Perry Studios

“I hope people find joy in watching it. I really hope it becomes a family show where it’s not just kids watching it, but the whole family sits and watches it,” says Hillman. “All the kids [in the show] are fantastic, they have great personalities, [they’re] very multitalented. Carl Payne [II] is so fun to work with. I’m learning so much from him, and Aloma Wright is wonderful too. So I really hope families will sit down and watch it [because] I do feel like all ages can watch this show.” 

Young Dylan premieres on Saturday, Feb 29 on Nickelodeon.  


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