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Masks or face coverings will now be required to be worn in Maryland grocery stores, pharmacies and public transportation, Governor Larry Hogan announced on Wednesday. All store staff members also must wear face coverings and implement social distancing measures as well.


According to news reports, 10,032 cases have been confirmed and 349 people with the virus have died in Maryland. As a reminder, this is what is allowed and not allowed in the state of Maryland

What’s allowed in Maryland:

  • Grocery shopping and getting food: You can leave home to buy food, equipment to work from home and household essentials. You can also go to a school, food bank or other location that provides food. Takeout and delivery from restaurants are still allowed.
  • Food and drink carryout and delivery: But curbside pickup at all nonessential businesses is now banned.
  • Exercising Outdoors: People are allowed to leave their homes to exercise in accordance with social distancing guidelines.
  • Working an essential job: Traveling to an essential job and working are allowed.
  • Essential businesses: Maryland’s essential businesses, ranging from medicine manufacturers to liquor stores to auto repair shops, can stay open. Here’s full guidance. Check your local store’s hours and operating status before going.
  • Getting medical care and medicine: This includes mental healthcare
  • Caring for a relative or friend
  • Caring for livestock and pets: That includes walking a dog outdoors.
  • Going to a small business for minimal operations: Securing inventory and property are among allowed minimal operations for small businesses.
  • Visiting government buildings: Go for necessary reasons only.
  • Going to a school to get distance learning supplies or equipment
  • Travel required by law: Travel required by court order, such as a custody agreement, or law enforcement officer is permitted.
  • Limited hunting, fishing and crabbing: You can hunt, fish and crab for food, but follow social distancing guidelines. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has a guide on personal spacing at state parks.
  • Leaving home for your own health and safety: For instance, victims of domestic violence can seek help. Here are some resources.

What’s not allowed in Maryland:

  • Social gatherings: Socializing in violation of social distancing and crowd limits is not allowed.
  • Church services and other gatherings of more than 10 people
  • Nonessential medical appointments: Routine appointments like eye exams and teeth cleanings should be canceled or postponed.
  • Going to the gym: Fitness centers, indoor sports facilities and similar places should be closed.
  • Unnecessary out-of-state travel: Marylanders shouldn’t travel out of state unless absolutely necessary. Anyone who recently left the state should self-quarantine for 14 days.
  • Curbside pickup at nonessential businesses: Carry-out and drive-through are still explicitly allowed at restaurants.
  • Camping: Campgrounds are closed, except to anyone residing in a recreational vehicle (RV), who have no other place to live.
  • Recreational boating: Boating for fun is not allowed, but limited hunting and fishing for sustenance is allowed. Follow social distancing guidelines. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has a guide on personal spacing at state parks.


Source | NBC 4 Washington

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