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Pull Out For What?! TLC’s “Doubling Down With The Derricos” Features Fertile Black Family With 14 Babies!

Leave it to TLC to find a family with 14 kids! “Doubling Down With The Derricos” features a black family with lots of children, all conceived naturally! The show will air Tuesday nights, premiering Tuesday, August 11 at 10pm ET/PT.

According to a press release for the show, Karen and Deon Derrico always wanted a large family. While multiples are prevalent on both sides of their family the couple says they never expected to be quite so blessed. As y’all have probably noticed, this network has been big on BIG families and we are excited they have a melanated bunch with the Derricos.

“TLC has always been the home for extraordinary families, and with multiple multiples, the Derricos take ‘extraordinary’ to a whole new level!” said TLC President and General Manager Howard Lee. “They bring a fresh voice, perspective, and willingness to share their culture and values. And while their size may be unique, their story is universally relatable — devoted parents trying to raise their children the best way they know how all while navigating life’s ups and downs. We are proud and excited to introduce TLC viewers to the Derricos.”

The premiere season features Karen’s latest pregnancy, with triplets, which has been difficult for both her and Deon. At 24 weeks, Karen’s doctor advises she spend the remainder of her pregnancy in the hospital, which means Deon will have to manage the household with 11 children – all on his own. Nothing goes according to plan, and the Derricos are faced with surprise after surprise as they welcome three newborns while working hard to give their other 11 children ranging from 2-14 years old, all the love and attention they need.

This will be good! Will you be watching?

Doubling Down With Derricos

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