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Lovecraft Country, Ep. 1 still

Source: Eli Joshua Ade / HBO

HBO is once again winning with another unapologetically Black, sci-fi-filled drama—Lovecraft Country—and we love to see it. The top-notch storytelling smartly intertwines fantasy amidst the all too real segregation of America in the 50’s, and has already lead to some amazingly dope visuals and moments after just one episode.

The series is based on the eponymous novel by Matt Ruff and finessed by Misha Green and we’ll be following the adventures of Atticus Freeman (Jonathan Majors) his childhood friend Letitia (Jurnee Smollett) and his Uncle George (Courtney B. Vance) on a road trip from Chicago across the Sundown Town reality of Jim Crow USA. Atticus, a military veteran, is looking for his missing daddy Montrose (Michael Kenneth Williams). But racist cops, creature of the week monsters and secret societies, make things interesting.

The first episode got rave reviews in the world of Black Twitter, so you can guarantee Sundays at 10 are going to be must see TV for the next couple of months. In case you missed it or want a refresh, we picks some of the Blackest moments from episode one involving cultural references, music and the good ol’ if you see someone running and you don’t know, you should start running, too.

Feel free to let us know if we missed any in the comments.

Lovecraft Country, Ep. 1 still

Source: Eli Joshua Ade / HBO

Jackie Robinson Issues A Fade

After starring with war footage, we quickly learned things were different thanks to like, aliens. We then see Jackie Robinson swatting a space creature (likely cthulu) instead of a baseball. Every Black kid who happens to be a baseball fan knows about #42, and dreams of dispatching hostie aliens.


Back Of The Bus

On the way to Chicago from Floirda, the bus Atticus was riding in breaks down. A car is sent to pick up passengers, but Tic and another Black woman aren’t offered up the kind of services. Black people can relate, even in 2020.

And we’re just using the silly tweet for the photo…

The Guide Book

Uncle George publishes a Guide Book to keep Black people safe when they are traveling on the road. It’s 2020, and it still sounds too familiar, doesn’t it.

Lovecraft County

Source: Elizabeth Morris/HBO / HBO


Y’All  Like That Lily White Sh*t They Play On The Radio

Leti’s sister Rubi Baptiste (portrayed by the mega-talented British actress (born in Nigeria) Wunmi Mosaku) is a musician that’s super talented with no regard for janky pop tunes. We can all relate.


Jim Crow

A scene showing images of the Jim Crow era was made all the more powerful with oration from James Baldwin. The speech is from the famed debate between Baldwin and William F. Buckley, and the former scorched the latter if we’re going to keep it a bean. This particular image seen below that flipped a Gordon Parks photo during the aforementioned moment. Powerful.


Get Yo Ass Up!

After hitting a diner on the guide, a reluctant waiter disappeared to the back. While on her way to the ladies room, Leti peeped that the white guy was calling the cops. We then see Leti running top speed. Atticus and Uncle George Quickly got into formation. Also, we might never trust establishments painted all white ever again.


Letitia “Fucking” Lewis

Uncle George was getting his sexism on and calling Leti “girl.” While slamming her foot on the gas to get them away from the racist cops, she had time to yell, “The name’s not girl it’s Letitia f*cking Lewis!” Unc got the memo.

We’ll Take The Monster

Unable to find the road to their destination, Leti and Tic stepped out the car for a closer look and were talking while Unc was in the driver’s seat. Of course, a cop car rolls up. Seeing the Klansman copper roll up at dusk was all types of triggering. Many Black people would rather try their luck with a science fiction monster, for obvious reasons.

Another point is Tic having to swallow his pride and kowtow to a lowlife for the sake of his and the crew’s survival. Too real.


We Made It!

The last 15 minutes of the episode were hella stressful. The racist cracker cop demanded Leti be the one to try to run down to their car to turn the lights on, which Uncle George figures hurts the creatures (called The Shoggoth). Tic was hesitant but Leti was down, stressing that she was a track star. Now how many times have we seen a horror flick where a Black person takes an L in such a situation? Not today, Satan. Leti got her full Flo-Jo on.

That was a gallop to the finish line bruh.

Shoot That Motherf*cker!

We’ll discuss how racist would rather point their guns at Black people than actual monsters at another time. But Tic yelling “Shoot that motherf*cker!” when super-racist cop was turning into a monster and his flunkie was doing the least was just about all of us.

No Really, We Made It

After surviving racist cops and demon, the crew makes it to Ardham, MA aka Lovecraft Country.

But you can tell this is only just the start. Brace yourselves.

Lovecraft Country, Ep. 1 still

Source: Eli Joshua Ade / HBO



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