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SILVER SPRING, Md. – A Montgomery County restaurant, a lesbian couple and what happened inside has led to some brewing controversy Wednesday night.

Everyone agrees the couple was asked to leave after showing affection toward one another. But what happened next led to a protest outside the business late Wednesday night.

Aiyi’nah Ford says she has no problem being affectionate in public with her partner Torian Brown. But while embracing after eating a late meal at the Tastee Diner in Silver Spring last week, the lesbian couple was asked by management to leave.

“I had my arms around her and she had her arms around me,” said Ford.

On Wednesday night, they came back with supporters demanding an apology. “I turned over and looked at him and said are you serious? It’s 2009. I just couldn’t believe that this was happening,” said Ford.

The two women say they were only hugging when the manager approached them. Ford tells ABC 7 News a heterosexual couple was kissing at a nearby booth at the time. They are convinced this was clearly discrimination.

“His co-worker and him began to converse about Tastee Diner is a family establishment. His exact words were, ‘This is a family establishment and people are trying to eat,'” said Ford.

Tastee Diner’s general Manager John Littleton admits the couple was asked to leave but assures ABC 7 News it had nothing to do with them being gay.

“We get all sorts of inappropriate behavior whether it’s sleeping in a booth, putting your feet up or inappropriate touching. And we felt it was inappropriate touching,” he said.

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