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Source: All-Pro Reels

As the Washington Wizards continue to work together as a new team during training camp, Coach Scott Brooks shared how Westbrook has already made an impact.

Russell Westbrook had to sit out during the first practice with the Wizards due to the transition still being finalized but today was his first time on the court with the team. Coach Brooks shared with the media that Westbrook is “a coach on the floor” and “he’s all in! He’s an elite leader!” With Brooks and Westbrook’s notable history together, Coach wasn’t shocked at all of the intensity he had from the jump.

A lot of Westbrook’s new teammates, like Troy Brown Jr., were very young when Westbrook first came into the league so they have grown up watching him play. Now to be on his side during these battles this season is a whole new experience. “Guys were locked in and fired up. They played at the intensity you have to have to get better as a group” Books continued.

Russell Westbrook has made it clear that he is ready and excited to play in D.C. and will be putting his full effort into every play on and off the court.