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Isaiah John has become one of the more talked about actors in the game. with his portrayal of Leon in FX’s drama series Snowfall. The actor chats with Good Morning H-Town’s Keisha Nicole & J-Mac about life on the show, watching success happen in real-time, his thoughts on British actors vs. African-American actors, being mentored by John Singleton and how he helped mold the character of Leon, the evolution of Leon and much more!

On His First Time On Set

“I booked Snowfall when I was 20 years old. So from going from being a janitor in a small town to being on TV working on a John Singleton show … my first day on set was the scene when I went off on that old white dude for telling me to turn off my radio. That was my first day on set. [I went there] because I was scared of failing! Afraid of not doing good in front of John Singleton. That energy, I gotta bring … whatever Leon was feeling at that moment, I gotta be as sure as possible. Knowing certain stories in Hollywood, if I don’t do as good they feel I should, they could replace me. Cause this was the pilot, we hadn’t even gotten a full season yet. And that scene was added into pilot after me and Damson did our chemistry read and they wrote it into the pilot.”

On The Snowfall Group Chat

“We’re all constantly talking every day. Constantly dropping gems to each other in this group chat because we all have our individual experiences whether it be bout life or this industry or auditions or projects. I will say that something that John told all of us is, ‘Make sure I don’t forget about my people,’ meaning Black people. Once you have a fanbase with our people? You always have a job. But we’re all dropping gems in there and I’m just soaking up game.”

On Black British Actors Dominating Hollywood

“Honestly, I’m happy to see it. My perspective on British actors and American actors … that’s more division we’re putting upon ourselves as Black people at the end of the day. These are real African native people who just so happened to be born and live in the UK and I know the experiences over there are different from the experiences over here but as far as acting? I feel the better actor should win. If a British actor wins, then so be it. Look at Daniel Kaluuya, killing it. I don’t care he’s British, he’s killing these roles. I feel that’s just more separation in a conversation that doesn’t need it. I constantly hear Damson’s perspective on it and that’s why I can’t get into it because I work with a British native actor and he’s dope, you can’t deny his talent.”

On Everybody Loving Snowfall Now

“We never experienced the love we’re experiencing now. Cause every year we’re like, ‘This the season, this season. This gotta hit.’ Cause we put so much into it and this is the best season yet. Honestly, I think the pandemic worked to our benefit because we gained a lot of fans just watching at home on Hulu. That made the hunger and thirst for season 4 just grow because Season 4 was supposed to drop early 2020 so that just made it work and we’re delivering.”

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