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There’s always a debate within the DMV of which state has the worst drivers but contrary to what most might say, Virginia, is ranked amongst the best drivers in the United States according to a new study.

Friend, Levinson & Turner law firm compiled the rankings based on (1) accident fatalities per state, (2) DUI arrests, (3) percentage of uninsured drivers, and (4) driving-related web searches like “how to get out of a ticket” and “car accident lawyer.” The law firm ranked all 50 states from worst to best and Virginia ranked low on the worst drivers list, tying with Illinois and Connecticut. Maryland is ranked higher at 36 on the list of worst drivers. Neighboring West Virginia ranked 13th and North Carolina ranked 44th.

Virginia received a score of 28.2, one of the lower scores of the U.S. states. The score was based on 292 DUI arrests, 12 accident fatalities, 9.9 percent of uninsured drivers, and 107 driving-related searches per 100,000 people. New Mexico ranked as the state with the worst drivers due to its high accident fatalities (25), and percentage of uninsured drivers (20.8 percent). New York was named the state with the best drivers due to having the second-lowest accident fatalities (6) and low rate of uninsured drivers (6.1 percent). Plus the majority of New Yorkers don’t drive so there’s that.

Unfortunately, since D.C. is not a state yet, The District was not included in this study but where you think D.C. would rank on the list?


The states with the best drivers are ranked below:

1. New York

2. Massachusetts

3. Pennsylvania

4. (TIE) Connecticut, Illinois, and Virginia

7. North Carolina

8. (TIE) New Jersey & Ohio

10. (TIE) Minnesota & Utah

The states with the worst drivers are ranked below:

1. New Mexico

2. (TIE) Alabama & Arkansas

4. Wyoming

5. Montana

6. Delaware

7. Louisiana

8. South Carolina

9. (TIE) Alaska, Missouri, and Tennessee



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