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Conservatives Gather At Annual CPAC Event

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Matt Schlapp, the organizer of the Conservative Political Action Conference, claims that the “smell of drugs” was everywhere while Laura Ingraham and him went “undercover” at the Black Lives Matter protest in D.C. following George Floyd’s murder.

Matt Schlapp claims that he was hanging out with Fox host, Ingraham and “other good friends,” she said “let’s go down and see this” as the BLM protest convened outside the White House. They got dressed in “camouflage gear,” “masks and hats,” and “football gear.” At the same time, he insisted that his daughters told him he was “so going to get hit” because he was still wearing “tasseled loafers” with his undercover uniform.

“And I have to say, all you could smell was drugs,” the American Conservative Union chair loosely shared. “There were no cops. It was complete pandemonium. It was like a scene from a movie, you know, Escape From New York or one of these end of the world things.”

Schlapp then claimed that the protesters “almost breached the 18 acres of the White House” while saying dozens of police officers and Secret Service agents were “seriously injured” during the demonstration. “You’ll never read or hear about that,” he exclaimed. SMH

Neither Schlapp nor Ingraham responded to a request by The Daily Beast for additional comments.

source: The Daily Beast

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