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Black History Month is not only a time to celebrate the achievements of Black people in America, but also a time to reflect on our past and why we are who we are in the now. During the month of February, we are bombarded with all kinds of great content centered around the Black experience. But because there’s so much content, it’s easy to miss stories that can be really impactful.  Black History is always being created and we never stop learning. 

To recap Black History Month 2023, NewsOne spotlights a few of the best and most creative Black History stories the team published this month you might have missed because of content overload. Some of these stories are about creating Black history and others are about learning from Black history. Regardless of what you are trying to accomplish, there are the pieces you’re gonna wanna read. Check them out below…

Justice For Malcolm X: Ben Crump Plans To Sue NYPD Over Assassination Of Civil Rights Icon

An imminent lawsuit will formally accuse the New York Police Department (NYPD) along with unnamed government agencies of a conspiracy surrounding the assassination of Malcolm X, according to civil rights attorney Ben Crump.

The lawsuit’s announcement is expected to be made on Tuesday, which marks the 58th anniversary since the civil rights icon was shot to death while giving a speech in New York City’s famed Harlem neighborhood.

Crump will be joined at a press conference by co-counsel Ray Hamlin to file a notice of claim “with intent to sue government agencies and the NYPD for the alleged assassination and fraudulent concealment of evidence surrounding Malcolm X’s murder,” according to a press release emailed to NewsOne.

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How LeBron James Helped His Friends Become Millionaire Businessmen

February 7, LeBron James became the NBA’s all-time leading scorer by passing the iconic Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. As legendary as LeBron is on the court, his impact off the floor is equally impressive. LeBron’s business acumen and willingness to bring his people up with him have put his friends in positions to succeed tremendously. To continue celebrating Black History Month celebration, read how LeBron made it possible for his childhood friends to become household names (and legends) in their own right.

As amazing as LeBron’s on-court accomplishments are, it can be debated that he’s had a bigger impact off the floor. LeBron’s immense talent has made him an endorsement goldmine. Some of the companies he has worked with include Audemars Piguet, Beats by Dre, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Nike and State Farm amongst many others. His endorsement money plus his NBA salary make him easily one of the world’s highest-paid athletes. James has made it a point to make sure he spreads the wealth by giving back and investing in others.

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What Role Did The Black Church Play In American Political History?

With religious affiliation on the decline, continuing racism and increasing income inequality, some scholars and activists are soul-searching about the Black church’s role in today’s United States.

For instance, on April 20, 2010, an African American Studies professor at Princeton, Eddie S. Glaude, sparked an online debate by provocatively declaring that, despite the existence of many African American churches, “the Black Church, as we’ve known it or imagined it, is dead.” As he argued, the image of the Black church as a center for Black life and as a beacon of social and moral transformation had disappeared.

Scholars of African American religion responded to Glaude by stating that the image of the Black church as the moral conscience of the United States has always been a complicated matter. As historian Anthea Butler argued, “The Black Church may be dead in its incarnation as an agent of change, but as the imagined home of all things black and Christian, it is alive and well.”

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Understanding The Global Impact Of Black History

Jeff Johnson joined the Rickey Smiley Morning Show during the first week of Black History Month and wanted to take the time to help people understand the importance of history not only within America but around the entire world.

“Black people were first and I don’t say that from some kind of ignorant, I want us to be better than everybody else versus just the historical fact,” Jeff says in his opening monologue during his 3 Things To Know segment.

He explains that the original sin was history convincing the world that “Black people didn’t contribute to civilization, and so the Greeks and Romans trying to change history to say they created civilization was really the original sin.”

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A Self-Care Guide For Black History Month

During this Black History Month, while we remember the leaders of the past, let’s not forget about our own well-being. Being Black in America is hard. It comes with built-in trauma that if left unchecked can be really damaging. For February let’s make the conscious decision to add some self-care to our celebration of Black History. Our ancestors would have wanted us to heal from their traumas, not perpetually steep ourselves in their pain and tragedy.

When the heinous video of the police beating of Tyre Nichols was released,

many Black people just couldn’t bring themselves to watch it. The post-traumatic stress from constantly seeing Black people killed by police has taken a serious toll on Black minds.

“Seeing things that happen like this to other people from your community broadly can have some traumatizing effects, especially if you’re part of a stigmatized or minoritized group that’s often dealing with trauma like this,” clinical psychologist, Monnica Williams told NPR.

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Black History In China: The History Of China’s First Black Inhabitants

China has a long and complex history that is full of cultural exchange and migration. While most people are aware of China’s rich history of interaction with other Asian cultures, few know about its history with African cultures. In fact, in recent years, historians have found more evidence about the rich history of the first Black people in China.

The first recorded presence of Black people in China dates back to the Tang dynasty (618-907 AD), according to Black Past. During this time, the Silk Road was a major trade route that connected China to the rest of the world. It was through this route that the first Black people, known as the “foreign blacks,” arrived in China. These foreigners came from various regions of East Africa, like Ethiopia and Somalia, and were mainly merchants and slaves.

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