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Concern over the spread of swine flu has reached another college campus in the D.C. area. Weeks after hundreds of students at the University of Maryland fell ill, a growing number of students at Georgetown University have now gotten sick.

“I just woke up feeling really feverish one day [and] everything hurt,” said a student on campus.

According to doctors at Georgetown University, the highly contagious and now infamous H1N1 virus could be on campus and spreading quickly.

“People are definitely on edge,” a student said. “There are pamphlets all over the place, people are freaking out.”

Since the start of classes in early September, at least 250 students have come down with swine flu-like symptoms. That number has risen by about 100 cases in the last week and now some students say they are definitely being more careful.

“Yeah I probably am washing my hands more and I use a lot more Purell. We have Purell in the apartment and then there’s Purell at the entrances of all the buildings,” said Jeremy Guyton, a sophomore.

“[I’m] making sure I’m getting some vitamin C and eating healthy,” said Caitlyn Benny, a senior.

The estimates come from students who have used the on-campus health center and emergency rooms. Others have reported their illnesses to the H1N1 hotline but the concern is that the actual number of possible sick students with H1N1 is most likely higher.

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