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Motorists on I-95 in Prince George’s County will have to slow down or pay up. A new speed camera is going up on I-95 at the site of the ICC construction project to protect road crews from speeders.

Drivers approaching the speed trap on I-95 will first see a sign and then the blinking speed warning trailers. If they are still going 12 miles an hour over the limit when they reach the radar and camera equipped car, they’ll get a ticket in the mail.

“These men and women don’t have any other protection in their workspace,” said Laurie Moser, a speed enforcement advocate.

Moser’s husband was working in a highway construction zone in Frederick two years ago when he was killed by a speeding driver. Her testimony helped pass the new law that allows automated speed enforcement in construction zones.

“Just slow down — pay attention” said Moser. “Think of everyone not just yourself.”

Enforcement begins Thursday and will include the ICC construction site on I-95 south of 198 and two Baltimore locations.

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