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Rev. Al Sharpton has expressed his personal opinion of Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain, calling his politics a “joke.”

Sharpton’s comment was said on “The Ed Show,” scrutinizing Cain, who has weighed in on the media squabble between comedian Jon Stewart and Fox News.

In recent weeks, Stewart has candidly joked about Fox News on his show on Comedy Central, and more recently, performed an unflattering impression of Cain. Cain then accused Stewart of singling him out because he is an American, Black conservative.

Sharpton defended Stewart and criticized Cain’s politics.

“I don’t like your policies. I’m as black as you. I’m not mocking you. I’m saying what your saying is wrong. Jon Stewart is a comedian. Your policies are a joke,” Sharpton said.

However, Sharpton commended Cain for his business triumph as a Black man despite denouncing his politics.



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