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This show explores a whole new look at race relations!


Is World Peace Possible Given the Intolerances that Have Been Taught to Many People?

Skin color and other inherent physical features seem to still bother some people. Misinterpretations and limited understanding about others’ prevents some within and outside of our culture to participate in ethnic purgatory. Cultural biases have historically been used for warring and self preservation. But now that our world is more “civilized” , is it necessary to harbor the same taught perceptions of others? Especially those based transmitted by intensely scorned generations?

Every Sunday- EZ Street presents the radio talk show TRENDING WITH EZ on WOL 1450 a.m. from 4 pm to 5 pm EST.

This Sunday December 11, 2011, the panel will openly share their perspective on THE GLOBAL NATION. Relevant questions will be posed to offer viable working solutions that will contribute to the gradual remedy of racial and ethnic intolerance and even persecution.

The dialogue will serve as a catalyst for the audience to begin truly approaching the world and each other with a much more receptive heart that may attribute to an elevated interactive status quo. Behavior modification strategies among children, teens and adults within our societal schema will be posed to ensure that ALL men, women and children are prepared to approach all members of our collective with a better spirit and an opened mind.

Special guests will include: D.W. Park,esq. and Nyl Medina -among others.

EZ Street, noted national radio host and community activist, is the “Afternoon Drive” personality on the Radio One sister station WKYS. He created this show to aggressively tackle contemporary issues that impact the social condition of most urban communities for the purpose of initiating positive change based upon informed solutions.

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