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Today on the Bernie McCain show Marion Barry will be on to discuss the upcoming HBO special “The Nine Lives of Marion Barry.” The D.C Council member talks candidly about the HBO special where some people will view him as a hero and others will say he’s poster boy for corruption. From his days in […]

VIA PEOPLE: What drugs were in Michael Jackson’s system at the time of his death? The L.A. coroner’s pending toxicology report – expected to answer that key question any day now – may hold the fate of Dr. Conrad Murray, the singer’s personal physician. Murray was with Jackson on the day he died and is […]

VIA CHICAGO TRIBUNE: As government rebate program officially launches Friday, dealers are preparing for a rush to showrooms Meanwhile, Does Cash for Clunkers make sense for you? The program known officially as the Car Allowance Rebate System offers rebates of $3,500 to owners who relinquish cars rated at less than 18 miles per gallon to […]

VIA 2 NEWS: Warning: The following story contains graphic details: BOISE – Two Boise Police officers have been disciplined by the Boise Police Department for “serious” policy violations after a complaint was filed that officers used excessive force during an arrest. According to the Boise Community Ombudsman’s report, in early 2009 police were dispatched to […]

Professor Henry Lewis Gates, Jr. vs the Cambridge, MA police. We are talking about a world renowned author who has had a problem with authorities similar to the problems that other Blacks in America have had. In this case, there is world focus on the story. This case recalls the tightrope Blacks walk with police […]

VIA FAMM: Born six minutes apart from each other on an April morning, identical twins Lawrence and Lamont Garrison were inseparable.  As they grew older, the brothers remained close, dressing alike, hanging out with the same friends, and always supporting each other. Both Lawrence and Lamont dedicated themselves to their studies in high school and […]

Michael Vick is a free man. Now what? Tune into Sports Groove tonight to hear Jason La Canfora from the NFL Network and Robert Littal from Black Sports Online talk with me about Vick’s future.

See what you missed at the 19th Annual Stone Soul Picnic.