When it comes to Valentine’s Day we typically think that women want to be showered in roses, chocolates, and expensive gifts but according to a new study men might be the real Valentine’s Day Divas. According to the study nearly 60 percent of people give their partner an F grade when it comes to bringing […]

Jaime Bruesehoff: “This bill is so important for our young people."

Marilyn Mosby: “If you ask that mom whose son was killed where she would rather us spend our time and our attention — on solving that murder, or prosecuting marijuana laws — it’s a no-brainer."

The wellness initiative, which highlights queer brothers of color, is encouraging holistic health in combating adversity.

Copeland: "When two talented dancers can come together, it’s ideal and exciting. But when two of those dancers are Black, it’s explosive."

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we've compiled a list of all the things he accomplished in his 39 years of life.

Dr. King used his words to push for progress.

Every dream is a dream of us. Blacker than we thought was possible.

From a blossoming beauty empire to philanthropic efforts across the world, Ri's set herself up to flourish for years to come—with or without the studio.

For the first time ever women of color can go to one location to learn, discover and share information about their hair care needs and desires. We introduce to you Hairologie! Hairologie was created BY a black woman FOR black women. Saana Holley, CEO and President of Hairologie, asked herself these questions while conceptualizing the app: […]