SEOUL (Politico)– In a Veterans Day speech delivered just miles from the demilitarized zone, President Obama sharply criticized North Korea for its pursuit of nuclear weapons and said Pyongyang still has the opportunity to fulfill its international obligations.

The election results on Tuesday are a bitter pill for the President and his supporters to swallow. To be essentially routed by the Republican Party from top to bottom goes beyond humbling; it’s a wholesale rejection of the Democratic Party and, by extension, many of the policies championed by President Obama. Roland Martin details four […]

Roland Martin and the Washington Watch roundtable discuss what is next for  Democrats and Republicans. WATCH: What’s Next For Democrats And Republicans?

Republicans did not do well in amongst African-Americans and Hispanics in the midterm elections. 95 percent of Black women voted for Democrats. 88 percent of Black men voted for Democrats and more than 60 percent of Hispanics voted for Democrats. Even in Nevada, where Sharron Angle was believed to be beating Sen. Harry Reid, he took […]

NEW ORLEANS (Fox News)– The chaotic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina offers no excuse for the actions of five current or former police officers being tried in the fatal police shooting of a man whose burned body was found in a car in September 2005, a federal prosecutor told jurors Wednesday.

Washington (WashPost)– The chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus said Monday that Rep. James Clyburn, the highest ranking African-American in the House Democratic leadership, should be the vanquished party’s second in command in the next Congress. “Jim has spent a lifetime working to bridge what divides us,” Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., wrote in a letter […]

New York (NY Daily News)– Tea Party superstar Rand Paul bucked the GOP leadership on Sunday by pushing drastic budget-cutting proposals, including a 10% pay slash for federal workers.

This past weekend, our very own chairwoman, Cathy Hughes, was inducted into the National Radio Hall Of Fame. Hughes, an innovative and dynamic pioneer of urban radio and founder and chairwoman of Radio One, the largest African-American- owned media corporation in the United States, is known for her determination, programming skills, and business acumen. One […]

Washington D.C. (Examiner) — President Obama may be away on a trip to India, but he is still making news on the domestic front back home.  Today the White House released the President’s weekly address.  In the address, President Obama makes clear that he favors an extension of the middle-class tax cut before they expire […]

New York (NYTimes) — Keith Olbermann will be allowed to resume his nightly program on MSNBC on Tuesday, the channel’s president said Sunday night, after he was suspended for donating money to three Democratic candidates.