Dr. Frances Cress Welsings‘ mentor, Neely Fuller Jr. takes another look at Racism/White Supremacy this time in the context of the Black Cop’s alleged fatal shooting of an unarmed white person.Before we get to Neely Fuller Jr., activist Kemba Smith on the 2017 week of nonviolence. The Big Show starts on WOL 1450 AM & […]

Can one be ‘conscience’ & be a successful business person at the same time? Compro Tax, Jackie Mayfield answers this question. before we get to Mr. Mayfield, The Mooney Twins, (Daryl & Dwayne), the Conscience Comedians, on financially empowering the Black Community. The Big Show starts on WOL 1450 AM & 95.9 FM at 4 […]

Historian & Religious Scholar, Dr. Walter Williams on if you can prove that Muhammad the Prophet or Jesus Christ ever physically existed. Before we get to Dr. Williams. Dr. Nubia Kia on the difference between the Moors of North Africa & Noble Drew Ali’s Moors‘. The Big Show starts on WOL 1450 AM & 95.9 […]

Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. on the more than 100 people shot in Chicago over 4th of July holiday, Chairman Fred will also discuss how the guns get into the city, the mayor’s plan requiring 12th graders to have a plan before they get their HS diploma & more. Before we get to Chairman Fred, Investigative […]

Certified Naturopathic Doctor, Scott Whitaker will expose the truth about prescription medications and bring the message of wholistic lifestyles as a means to obtaining long-term good health. Dr. Whitaker will also discuss so-called “regulatory agencies” who allow poisonous and debilitating additives into our food, filtering billions of dollars into the medical and pharmaceutical establishment. Before […]

Mark from Anaheim checks in with another installment from his Political Sarcasm 101. Mark will tell us if we are still on the road to a civil war, a dictator in the White House, a collapsing economy & more. The Big Show starts on WOL 1450 AM & 95.9 FM at 4 pm ET., 3 […]

Baba Lumumba from Umoja House in WDC examines how Pan-Africans view the concept of Race. Before we get to Baba Lumumba, attorney, Nkechi Taifa will discuss the upcoming presentation “Hands off Assata!’ The Big Show starts on WOL 1450 AM & 95.9 FM at 4 pm ET., 3 pm CT., 1 pm PT., WOLDCNews.com. Call […]

Kemetologist, Tony Browder on the significance of the Summer Solstice, PowerTalk Four, The Museum Tour, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing & more. Before we get to Tony, a look at the Congressional Race in Georgia, the black vote is said to be to be the determining factor. The Big Show starts on WOL 1450 AM & […]

Celebrate Black Music Month with Publisher, Sidney Miller & Entertainment Attorney, Don Mizell. The duo will tell you how the digital revolution has changed the industry, as well as share some behind the scenes stories of some of our biggest stars. Before we get to Sidney Miller & Don Mizell, Huffington Post Blogger, Brandon on […]

The Black Unifier, Brother Kush on the tale of two Bills, Maher & Cosby, was Maher let off the hook & will Cosby be found Guilty? Before we get to Kush, Homeless Advocate, Ted Hayes on why the 14th Amendment should be used in the Reparations argument. The Big Show starts on WOL 1450 AM […]