Chairman Omali Yeshitela will update us on the recent FBI raid on his St. Louis compound. Then griot Baba Amefika will lead a tribute to Professor Jim Clingman.

Reparations & Critical Thinking Advocate Dr. David Horne will report on the recent Panama City Conference. Plus we'll reflect on the 42nd anniversary of Radio One/Urban One.

Futuristic Researcher Sadiki Bakari shares the latest AI Artificial Intelligence Developments. Plus Music Journalist Bill Carpenter & DC Activist Dr. Kokayi Patterson

Civil Rights icon Willie Mukasa Ricks, Dr. Zak Kondo, Yolonda Flowers and The NAACP's Maryland State Conference Chairman Willie Flowers on The Carl Nelson Show...

Kemetologist Tony Browder will discuss last week's Educational Conference in Ghana. Then Baltimore activist Jabari and author Sharee Miller...

Brother Zaki calls for divine intervention to help Black people Globally. Plus activist & attorney Nkechi Taifa & Journalist AJ Woodson...

Educator Dr. Kabe Kamane will explore unity in our community and how we can achieve it. Professor James Small will give his views on the Woman King movie.

Author Dr. Wesley Muhammad will discuss some of the misconceptions associated with the assassination of Malcolm X.

Black Politics Expert Dr. James Taylor will examine why the Democrats appear to be improving in the polls.

The University of Houston's History & African  American Studies Professor, Dr. Gerald Horne will discuss Britain's Queen Elizabeth's reign and what it means for her current and former colonies