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Celebrity lockups have always been fascinating.

Brittney Griner’s recent conviction in Russia has grabbed international headlines. She’s been detained overseas since February and was taken into custody for having less than one gram of hashish oil in her luggage. After a brief trial, she was sentenced to nine years in prison – though experts claim that she’ll be home sooner if the US is willing to swap a Russian criminal in return.

All of that over a little weed.

It’s easy to forget that these high-profile athletes, movie stars, and musicians are simply like the rest of us. They’re just people. Yet far too many times they’re propped on a pedestal and expected to lead perfect lives.

Whether justly or otherwise, sometimes celebs simply slip up. We all do.

Scroll down to see ten of the absolute dumbest reasons a celebrity has been arrested! Oddly enough, most of these incidents happened in an airport!

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1. Brittney Griner

Brittney Griner Source:Getty

You’ve heard by now, Griner was arrested in Russia back in February over weed carts. Hopefully, the current president does the right thing and brings the WNBA superstar home ASAP.

2. Brittney Griner Reacts at Sentencing

3. Kanye West

Kanye West Source:Getty

At Los Angeles International Airport 2008, Kanye West smashed a paparazzi member’s camera that was reportedly worth $10,000. Ye and his manager were then forced to pay $20,000 to bond out of jail. 

4. The Yeezy Attack

5. DMX

DMX Source:Getty

In 2004, the late, great DMX was picked up at an airport as well. This time it was in New York, and X was arrested for trying to steal a car. DMX also reportedly may have identified himself as a federal agent.

6. The DMX Report

7. Coolio

Coolio Source:Getty

In 2009 rapper Coolio was also picked up by police – wait for it – at an airport. The ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ MC allegedly tried to sneak crack cocaine past TSA.

You read that correctly.

8. The Coolio Explanation

9. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Source:Getty

Over the last 13 years, Justin Bieber has had quite a few run-ins with the law. He allegedly assaulted a photographer in Argentina back in 2013. Then he was accused of the same thing in Canada, by his limo driver, just a month later. He then was caught egging a neighbor’s home in 2014. But the only arrest happened in 2014 when Biebs was picked up for ‘drunken driving, resisting arrest, and driving without a valid license’.

Hey, at least he wasn’t in an airport.

10. The Bieber Egging Event

11. Iman Shumpert

Iman Shumpert Source:Getty

Iman Shumpert, husband of Teyana Taylor and former championship teammate of LeBron James, was just arrested just days ago. Yes, he was at the airport.

Shump pulled up to the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport with more than 6 ounces of marijuana.

12. Shumpert’s Slight Mishap

13. Plaxico Burress

Plaxico Burress Source:Getty

Who can forget the infamous Plaxico Burress story? The ex-NFL star was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers before moving on to the New York Giants. Burress shot himself in the leg at a Manhattan nightclub, then had to do nearly 2 years in prison for having an unregistered firearm.

14. Burress Explains the Seemingly Unexplainable

15. Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor Source:Getty

I’m not sure there are too many people out there that would refuse a shot of liquor from a UFC champion, but that’s what sparked McGregor’s arrest. In 2019, at Dublin’s Marble Arch pub, McGregor was pouring free shots for patrons. But one man refused, so McGregor slugged him, then was jailed and fined for the outburst. 

16. McGregor Punches Old Man

17. Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks Source:Getty

In 2015 Azealia Banks was arrested and charged with assault for allegedly biting a club bouncer on her breast. Two years later charges were reduced after Banks too appropriate anger management classes.

18. The Banks Case

19. 50 Cent

50 Cent Source:Getty

50 Cent was once arrested for cussing. In 2016 at a concert in the Caribbean, Fif was arrested and fined for using explicit language. According to local law, cursing in public is prohibited. 

20. 50 Talks About His Arrest