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The running joke is that Jay Electronica (with plenty of Jay-Z) dropped an album, A Written Testimony, and the world went to shambles thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. So it sort of makes sense that the New Orleans rapper’s mythical Act II: Patents Of Nobility album has hit the Internets in full.

The folks over at HipHop-N-More compiled the tracklist of the project, which has been in the works for over a decade.


It seems like Jay Elec fine-tuned the project over years and simply left it in the stash, with only a minimal of tracks making it online. Reportedly, the album was hacked, and placed up for auction and purchased via a group buy for $9,000. Soon after, it leaked online in full.

Out of respect for the “Exhibit C” rapper are we aren’t going to share a direct link to a project he essentially isn’t seeing a dime off. Maybe this event will force his hand to package up the album properly and place it officially on streamers?

We will compile the jokes, praise and commentary from Twitter, though, which you can see below. We kind of expected Act II: Patents Of Nobility to be available only to those willing to make a trip to an ancient pyramid on foot, so this will have to do for now.

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