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Saturday Night Live - Season 46

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Saturday Night Live had its season premiere episode last night, hosted by Chris Rock with Megan Thee Stallion holding down musical guest duties. The latter used her platform to call for the protection of Black women.

Meg performed her single “Savage” in coordination with four dancers and plenty of gyrating. Toward her performance’s conclusion audio of Malcolm X riding for Black women cuts in. “The most disrespected, unprotected, neglected person in America is the Black woman,” says the slain Civil Rights activist. “Who taught you to hate the texture of your hair, the color of your skin, the shape of your nose?”

Then Tamika Mallory’s voice is heard taking the tap-dancing Kentucky attorney general to task. “Daniel Cameron is no different than the sellout Negroes that sold our people into slavery by savages.”

Then it was Megan’s turn.

“We need to protect our Black women and love our women ’cause at the end the day we need our Black women,” she said from the stage, where “Protect Black Woman” was projected on to the background screen. “We need to protect our Black men and stand up for our Black men because at the end of the day we tired of seeing hashtags of our Black men.

Powerful stuff. Watch below.

Meg then returned to perform her latest single, “Don’t Stop,” featuring Young Thug. And Thugger was there, too.

Megan Thee Stallion also appeared in a skit/video called “Hello.”

Peep reactions to Megan’s flex below.

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