It was over before it started. A dozens of White Nationalists rallied at the ‘Unite the Right 2’ rally in Washington DC, hundreds less than the expected amount. Thousands of counter-protesters showed up to voice their displeasure of the “White Supremacist” rally led by Jason Kessler, the organizer Sunday’s event. ALSO READ: Never Forget: Twitter Sounds […]

Fox News says the White Supremacists, Nazis, Alt-right are the same as Black Lives Matter do you agree? Does it make a difference if 45 denounces them individually? We want to get your take on Charlottesville. But before we begin that discussion, the founder of the Black Lawyers for Justice group, Malik Zulu Shabazz will […]

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Geneva Reed-Veal is doing everything she can to make sure her daughter's death wasn't in vain.


This week the slain teen would have turned 24.

4/11/17- Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Iesha Evans, the Baton Rouge protester whose photo of her standing up to police in riot gear went viral. “It was laughable at best. I was a little disgusted. I see the similarities. I see little key things. They were trying to take away from it being a […]

A district court judge has called out the Tulsa police officer who allegedly killed Terence Crutcher for doing an interview about the case on national TV. According to the New York Daily News, Judge Doug Drummond had some harsh words for officer Betty Jo Shelby, who is accused of shooting an unarmed Terence to death. […]

Newly revealed emails suggest that undercover NYPD officers compromised and reported on demonstrations surrounding Eric Garner's death.

Emails also reveal that undercover cops regularly filmed Black Lives Matter activists and posed as protesters during rallies.

According to organizers, people who wish to become more politically involved can have more influence at the state level.