Researchers found that just having one African-American educator can reduce one's risk of not finishing high school by 30 percent.

HBCUs are still relevant in training skilled educators at a time when teacher diversity is needed.

The Education Trust publishes a report on the challenges African-American educators face in public schools. Black teachers shed light on why school districts struggle to retain them.

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Black riders are more likely to receive cancellations or have a longer wait times compared to White riders, according to a new study.

Plus, leaked emails revealed that Colin Powell cannot stand Donald Trump and a New Jersey mother sues college for daughter's suicide as a result of being raped on campus.

Chicago's Dwayne Reed really wanted his students to be excited to start the new school year.

The Department of Education hosted a national teacher diversity summit. It also released new data on the issue.

"I couldn’t have even imagined that I would be recognized or celebrated for things that just come natural to me."

There's an urgency to recruit Black male teachers. The Honore Center is one of the organizations answering the call.


  This week, an American ritual will repeat itself. Something that within the past century has morphed into a rite of passage for armies of…