black women

While Rosa Parks is cemented in American minds as a heroine of the Civil Rights Movement, a host of unsung Black women and their sacrifices for freedom are hardly mentioned. And yet, the list is long: Fannie Lou Hammer, Ella Baker, Dorothy Height, Septima Clark, Marian Wright Edelman… So as the masses gather in Washington […]

While statistics describe crisis-like conditions concerning the state of the Black family, not everyone is moved by a particular dimension of this categorization. More specifically, not everyone believes in the data that says upwardly mobile Black women can’t find a husband. Even more troubling are the various solutions offered by authors and scholars on how […]

As the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case continues to unfold, his accuser Nafissatou Diallo is caught in an old, deplorable game of demonizing the woman — and Black women in particular — as sexual aggressors and prostitutes. The media’s continued assault on her character practically forced her to come forward, defend her character and profess her truth. […]

ORLANDO — Orlando’s first Black female chief of police Val Demings is running for Congress, sources said. Demings planned to make a formal announcement Wednesday afternoon in downtown Orlando. She has served as chief of police since December 2007. Read More At RELATED: Terri Sewell’s Election Shows Black Women’s Progress

Most discussions on race focus on conflicts between whites and generalized communities of color. A new study by “The Sentencing Project” expands our awareness of the impact of racial prejudices to include differences in how African-Americans of different skin tones are treated. In their study, “The Impact of Light Skin on Prison Time for Black […]