Carl Nelson

Chicago activist, Chairman Fred Hampton on the shootings in his city. The chairman will discuss the so-called ‘Bait Truck’ left in the community to tempt our young people to steal shoes, a politicians’ claim that the ongoing violence is orchestrated from City Hall with a move to push Blacks out of Chicagoland, and what it […]

Educator & Griot, Dr. James Small will give us a review of his recent trip to the ‘Motherland’, preview this weekends rally in WDC by a far-right group, the Chicago shootings, give us a lesson critical thinking & more.

Black Politics Expert, Dr. James Taylor checks in to discuss the Black Pastors meeting with Trump, Trump’s attack on Lebron & Don Lemon, Black Intelligence, The political prospects for the November Elections & more. Before we get to Dr.┬áJames Taylor, The Black Unifer, Brother Kush, on how Racism/White Supremacy has pacified many blacks. The Big […]

  Professor and chair of Africana Studies at California State University, Long Beach, Dr. Maulana Karenga joins us to discuss, The Black Clergy meeting with Trump, The 50th anniversary of the Philadelphia Black Power Conference, Lebron James, The Commemoration of the Watts Revolt, The 53rd anniversary of US organization & more. Before we get to […]

World Traveler, Author, Historian & Lecturer, Dr. Runoko Rashidi joins us live from Mexico city to discuss the African presence in Mexico (ancient and modern, including the Olmec) and the African presence in Spanish America, and announces his 2019 group tour to Peru. Before we get to Dr. Runoko Rashidi, Zimbabwe-based Us correspondent, Brother Obie […]

Doctor of Clinical Psychology, Dr. Jeff Menzise analyzes the psychology of The Social Justice movement. Dr. Menzies will also discuss if marching is still the appropriate response to injustices. He’ll also talk about if marching is out what should the response be? The Big Show starts on WOL 95.9 FM & 1450 AM at 4 […]

Morgan State University professor, Dr. Ray Winbush updates on his project for Dr. Fracess Cress Welsing, Lebron’s school, how White America is quietly self-segregating, Haiti, Migrant children being given psychotropic drugs,& more Before we get to Dr. Winbush, The Faith Brothers on how the Faith Community steadfastly backs Trump in the face of his lies! […]

Professor of Critical Thinking, Dr. David Horne checks to discuss how to analyze the Mid-Term Elections. Some people want to sit out the process claiming elected officials continue to ignore the Black Community. Dr. Horne will also talk about the latest movements in the fight for Reparations. Before we get to Dr. Horne, The Mooney […]