In 1988, Public Enemy’s “Night Of The Living Baseheads” was one of the most vocal indictments of crack cocaine use ever heard on record. The haunting video was the real life version of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” with zombie-like “baseheads” dragging themselves about. Pop Culture Moment #1: Chappelle’s Show Premieres What many fans at the time […]

Actor Michael Clarke Duncan is 6′ 5″ and once tipped the scales at 315lbs and is now down to 280. Even at that height and weight, it’s hard to imagine that someone of his stature sustains himself without consuming any meat products. FACT OF THE DAY: Drake’s High School Ambition Was To Break Dance However, […]

Words by Adisa Banjoko Before becoming a multi-platinum artist, Aubrey “Drake” Graham, dropped out of Forest Hill Collegiate Institute High School. His parents divorced when he was young and he was raised by his mother, a retired teacher, in Toronto’s wealthy Forest Hill neighborhood. But Drake had some interesting aspirations while he was enrolled. In […]

Words By Adisa Banjoko Before landing her career changing slot on “American Idol”, R&B star Jennifer Hudson had a 5-year recording contract with Righteous Records. It is said that Righteous Records put Jennifer through a rigorous year of charm school, physical fitness and live performance training before releasing her from her contract so that she […]

Long before battling rappers on wax and cowboys on the screen, Common aka Lonnie Lynn Jr. was attending Florida A&M University on scholarship majoring in Business Administration. Where Presidents Play and Writers Find Their Muse The rapper formerly known as Sense had a strict three-hour-a-day studying regimen, but his mind was still on rapping. In […]