GOP Debates

The 2016 presidential race is shaping out to be harder to predict by the day, even as Democratic Party front-runner Hilary Clinton is predicted by a…

The Republican Party has become what Columbia University Professor Marc Lamont Hill described to me as a “race to the bottom,” where the easiest way to lose traction in your candidacy is to prove yourself qualified for the job. SEE ALSO: Haitian Children Remain In Adoption Limbo Now that some of the best Republican candidates […]

By Joy-Ann Reid Responding to criticism over his statement that he doesn’t “want to make black people’s lives better with other people’s money,” Rick Santorum said that far from holding negative views about African-Americans, he worked closely with black former congressman J.C. Watts and former RNC chairman Michael Steele, and was a champion of black […]

Not only did Ron Paul (R-Texas) produce newsletters spewing hate and ignorance towards minorities; he also voted against MLK Day, TheRoot  reports. SEE ALSO: Romney Takes Huge Lead The Real Thelma And Louise Paul’s voting record in the house was scrutinized during this weekend’s GOP presidential debates in New Hampshire. (Mainly for his unsuccessful attempts […]

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (AP) — Republican presidential front-runner Newt Gingrich clashed sharply with one rival, took pains to compliment another and said it was laughable for any of them to challenge his conservative credentials Thursday night in the last campaign debate before the Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses kick off the 2012 primary season. SEE ALSO: […]

NEW YORK — Donald Trump says he is pulling out of a Republican presidential debate he had agreed to moderate in Iowa. The real estate mogul announced Tuesday that he was stepping back in order to preserve the option of running for president in case he’s not satisfied that the eventual Republican nominee can defeat […]