Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES-LAPD Homicide Detective Sal LaBarbera who is an active Twitter user is drawing heat for recently posting a picture of a homicide victim with the caption “guess where i’m at? …it never ends.” Labarbera has 1,400 followers on Twitter under the name LAMurderCop. 21 Machine Guns Stolen From LAPD SWAT Team Naked, Unarmed Man […]

LOS ANGELES-21 MP-5 submachine guns and  12 .45 caliber handguns were stolen from a building used to store equipment for the LAPD SWAT Team. Police are not sure if the theft was an inside job and are currently investigating the matter. Investigators Claim LAPD Cover Up In Notorious B.I.G. Murder Dozens Of L.A. Anti-Gang Officers […]

Call them riots or civil insurrections, when a disenfranchised population is triggered by an event that symbolizes their shared grievances, the consequences can be the unleashing of years of suppressed frustration and rage. While it is common for governments to blame the rioters, a detailed look at the causes show that the law and law […]

LOS ANGELES — Two students were shot at the Univeristy Of Southern California dorm after a confrontation over stolen headphones, according to officials. After two USC students noticed some Dr. Dre headphones were missing after a party at an USC apartment complex, they confronted a man who they suspected of stealing them, who shot them […]

LANCASTER, CALIF.–The town of Lancaster, Calif., a suburb of Los Angeles, is under investigation for allegedly discriminating against Black and Latino renters who use Section 8 vouchers to pay their rent. According to reports, residents claim they’re being unjustly surveilled by neighbors and harassed with unannounced visits by sheriff’s deputies and county housing agents. At the […]

LOS ANGELES- — A reporter for KABC-TV channel 7 in Los Angeles was shot with a BB gun during a live  newscast last week. Leanne Suter, who was standing near a highway when she was reporting on a story, was shot with a BB gun and it was caught on video. The Huffington Post Reports: […]

LOS ANGELES — The NAACP hosted a LGBT forum at its 102nd national convention to discuss lesbian and gay issues within the Black community. Civil Rights activist and former NAACP chairman Julian Bond, CNN anchor Don Lemon, and comedienne Wanda Sykes were three of the panelists who spoke before members. In the town hall styled […]

LOS ANGELES — Two teens were shot and wounded in an apparent gang shooting Thursday outside a Los Angeles recreation center that is part of the city’s program to reduce violence in the streets by keeping public parks well-lit and open at night, police said. A 15-year-old girl was shot in the back and a […]

The leader of the free world and the basketball’s world champions paid a special visit to children volunteers at the Boys and Girls Club at THEARC yesterday. President Obama, Coach Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant and the rest of the Los Angeles Lakers, who were also in town to play against the Washington Wizards, took part in a […]

VIA DIGITAL JOURNAL: Fox pundit Glenn Beck and Whole Foods founder and CEO John Mackey have been targeted for boycotts by angry left-leaning opponents as of late. Now the boycotters themselves are being boycotted. That blowback has cost GEICO 6,500 customers. Ah, the boycott. A long and honored tradition in America, and perhaps one of […]