Michael Jordan is hitting the fast lane and bringing some heavy hitters with him

03/06/17 – No one understands what Michael Jordan was trying to say with his “ceiling is the roof” comment but Arsenio Hall takes a stab at it. Like BlackAmericaWeb.com on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.

03/06/17 – Comedian Chris Paul runs through the day’s hottest topics in 60 seconds including Michael Jordan’s wacky motivational speech. Like BlackAmericaWeb.com on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.

Lawyers for Daniel Green, the man convicted of killing Michael Jordan's dad, claim evidence of police misconduct could help clear their client.

The White House names 21 Presidential Medal of Freedom honorees. Obama said they're an inspiration to everyone.

Plus, Michael Jordan donates $5,000,000 to the National Museum of African American History and two more women accuse Bill Cosby of assault, bringing the total number of his accusers to 60.


We’ve all dreamed that we could play like Michael Jordan in his prime. Maybe you were waving your tongue out trying to dunk or executing his deadly fade away jumper, either way since his debut MJ has always been a bigger than life figure. This was immortalized in possibly the biggest and best-known commercials in […]

The internet spent the day digesting Jordan's response, divided between ecstatic to cautious because of his long storied history with distancing himself from social justice issues. Jordan's persona at times appeared to be "business first," and his silence in regards to previous police shootings stirred up strong frustrations.