Vice President Mike Pence walked out of a football game when NFL players exercised their First Amendment right. He voted to take away healthcare from millions of Americas. The so-called evangelical also defended Trump’s “p*ssy” grabbing comments. Overall, a deeply conservative guy who has advocated against everyone from the middle class to women to LGBT […]

This legislation could devastate Black women's access to family planning services, STD testing and life-saving breast cancer screenings.

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Remember when Pence said Hillary Clinton was “the most dishonest candidate for President of the United States since Richard Nixon?”

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National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had been in contact with a Russian diplomat through texts and calls and lied to the Trump administration about it.

#PenceBlackHistory will provide the laughs you've needed all day!


A recap of the moments that had us doing everything from shaking our heads to crying with laughter.

U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas will administer the vice presidential oath to Mike Pence during the Inauguration Ceremony on Jan. 20.

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President-elect Donald Trump is upset about a union leader's criticism of the Carrier deal.

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Donald Trump is getting lots of credit for the Carrier plant deal and will be traveling to Indiana to celebrate an apparent victory.

Hamilton cast member Brandon Victor Dixon asked the audience on Friday to refrain from booing the vice president-elect, but offered him strong words of advice about governing the nation.