3/10/17- Comedian Chris Paul has proof that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez might be dating and he gives details on what’s going on in the Joe Biden family drama. Listen below.

3/9/17- Will Romo make it another day as a Dallas Cowboy? Comedian Chris Paul thinks his days are numbered. Find out where he may be going and why a $300 switch for a black child isn’t likely. Listen.

3/8/17- Just how much does a day without a woman affect Tevin Campbell? You’ve got to listen to Comedian Chris Paul’s take below!  

3/7/17- Find out who Comedian Chris Paul is calling a dummy and listen to his take on the new Brawny woman.

03/06/17 – Comedian Chris Paul runs through the day’s hottest topics in 60 seconds including Michael Jordan’s wacky motivational speech. Like BlackAmericaWeb.com on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.

3/2/17- Comedian Chris Paul reveals the cast of Love & Hip Hop Moscow and reveals why Joe Biden really decided to run for President. Listen below.

3/1/17- Vanilla America got an earful last night and Comedian Chris Paul explains how Chocolate and Brown people were left out. Find out why the funny man also says 45 needs to sign something that will bring back Freaknick. Listen below!

2/28/17- What happens when some of the biggest names in corporate America watch porn all day? Find out what Comedian Chris Paul says is bound to happen. Listen below.

2/27/17- Comedian Chris Paul weighs in on the biggest upset in Oscars history. Find out who he says really won. Listen below.

2/24/17- Comedian Chris Paul is joining the Immigration Storm Troopers to save all of the beautiful Hispanic women that may be on the run. Find out how he plans to ho hide them from his wife. Listen below.