War: An organized, armed, and often a prolonged conflict that is carried on between states, nations, or other parties. SEE ALSO: Gingrich Caught In Race-Baiting Catch Terrorism: The French word terrorisme in turn derives from the Latin verb terreō meaning “I frighten.” Although “terrorism” originally referred acts committed by a government, currently it usually refers […]

WASHINGTON-The White House was on lock down for more than an hour after what appeared to be a smoke bomb was thrown over the fence onto the executive compound. The smoke bomb was thrown while between 1,000 and 1,500 people affiliated with Occupy D.C. were protesting outside the White House. Reuters reports: A majority of […]

Rats have taken over two Occupy Wall Street encampment areas in Washington, D.C.’s McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza. Now health officials are worried and are comparing camp conditions to refugee camps, according to the Washington Post. SEE ALSO: MTV Pretends Poetry Night Was Ron Paul Event Since Occupiers are reportedly attracting the rodent population with their outdoor kitchens […]

NEW YORK (AP) — Authorities say dozens of Occupy Wall Street protesters were arrested as they tore down the barricades surrounding New York City’s Zuccotti Park just before midnight on New Year’s Eve. SEE ALSO: America’s Drunkest Cities Police say 68 people were arrested during the scuffle. At least one person was accused of assaulting […]

Thousands of peaceful protesters gathered in downtown Oakland Wednesday morning to kick off a planned “general strike” to draw attention to the Occupy movement’s core concern over economic inequality. See Also: UFO Spotted At NFL Game See Also: Black Travel: Visit New Mexico The day’s actions — which some believe will mark the largest East […]

Our sister site HelloBeautiful.com recently took to the streets of downtown Manhattan to explore and profile the Black female faces of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. See Also: Black Travel In NYC: Head To The Coffee Shop In Union Square See Also: DSK Rape Case To Be Turned Into Porn Film? Here is an excerpt […]

The Occupy Wall St. movement moved from Zuccotti Park in downtown Manhattan to Harlem on Friday, as more than 100 people, mostly Black and Latino, gathered  for the first meeting of what is now being dubbed “Occupy Harlem.” See also: Occupy Wall Street Contends With Winter Weather In East, Arrests Out West The face of the […]

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — Oakland’s police chief says he takes responsibility for a crackdown on anti-Wall Street protesters, who have accused police of seriously injuring an Iraq War veteran during a clash earlier this week. See also: Michael Moore Visits Occupy Oakland Interim Chief Howard Jordan’s comments came Friday as Occupy Wall Street protesters maintained demonstration […]

Occupy Wall Street is coming to Harlem, but don’t expect any Zuccotti Park-style encampments. Instead, a coalition of community groups is meeting in Harlem Friday evening to organize around the same issues that Occupy Wall Street protesters are highlighting, such as the government bailout of the financial system, high unemployment and home foreclosures. See Also:  Top 10 […]

With all the Occupy Movements rising up across the country, one in particular hasn’t received major media attention because its building up in a neighborhood and not a city. In the historic, African American neighborhood of Harlem, many have taken to the streets to protest economic injustice and launch “Occupy Harlem.” See Also:  Top 10 […]