Missouri State University is apologizing after its band performed “Dixie,” a song that originated in the blackface minstrel shows of the 1850s, at a site where three black men were lynched in 1906. SEE ALSO: 30 Percent Of Americans Arrested By Age 23

Officials at Akron University recently issued a campus wide email instructing Black male students to “cooperate” with police officers, after a string of robberies that are suspected to have been done by African-American males who don’t attend the college. The email instructs Black male students to identify themselves as students, and cooperate with the police […]

Community leaders from the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and local businesses in Fort Worth, Texas are unhappy with the name of a local food-mart titled “Da Hood Food Mart.” “The name is insulting to our African-American heritage and the over-saturation of these types of establishments within the economically disadvantaged communities is simply a continuation of […]